Saturday, 5 March 2022

Serigraffeur 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition

11 March - 02 April 2022
Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin-Mitte
Vernissage: Friday, 11 March

Showcase Exhibitions:


“The Danger Series”

… is a series of screen-prints (wip since 2016) contemplating urbanization. The motifs are based on cities or towns I have travelled to or have a relation to and which I feel the need to make this comment on.

The Danse Macabre or Dance of Death, is an artistic genre of the Late Middle Ages on the universality of death: no matter one’s station in life, the Dance of Death unites all.

On a visit to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016, I hung out with the printmakers from “Danger Gevaar Inkozi Studio”. We spoke of possibilities of a collaboration and they suggested I join in on their project, an evolving epic based on Dürers "Four Riders of the Apocalypse" set in Johannesburg, with each artist expanding on one of the riders. Being three at the time, they were missing the fourth: Death. I gladly took it on and on returning to Berlin made several ink drawings on the theme. Unfortunately the initial euphoria got depleted by busy schedules, distance and life and nothing became of this collaboration.

When I started screen-printing regularly, I produced a triptych of 3 colour prints using these drawings. To commemorate the initial intent I named them “Danger”, “Gevaar” and “Inkozi” respectively. This was the beginning of “The Danger Series”.

The group exhibition also features:

and exclusive prints from:
Ángeles Alarcón, Stéphane Hirlemann, Andrey Kasay, Nick Knapton, Martin Krusche, Romain Malauzat, Adeline Meilliez, Julie Miammmiam, Ben Sanair, Mathias Schmidt, Julia Sederholm, SP38 ...

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Shell Shocked Collection

13. - 22.11.2019
Galerie 16b, Zürich, Switzerland

„Shell Shocked Collection“ ist eine Zusammenarbeit des Modelabels Mesko und des Künstlers Andy Leuenberger. Inspiriert durch eine Serie von Tuschezeichnungen, die Leuenberger unter dem Titel „Shell Shocked“ produziert hat, entwarf Mesko eine exklusive und zugleich angenehm zu tragende Kleiderkollektion. Schwarze Stoffe, asymmetrische Schnitte, Drapierungen, klare Linien und Siebdrucke zeichnen die einzigartige handgefertigte Kollektion aus.

Vernissage: Mittwoch, 13.11.2019, 18h

Galerie 16b
Ausstellungsstr. 16b
8005 Zürich, Schweiz
Öffnungszeiten: Mittwoch–Samstag, 17–20h

"Shell Shocked Collection" is collaboration between the fashion-label Mesko and the artist Andy Leuenberger. Inspired by "Shell Shocked", a series of ink on paper drawings by Leuenberger, Mesko has designed an exclusive and wearable clothing collection. Black fabrics, asymmetric cuts, drapes, clear lines and screen-prints characterize this unique hand-crafted collection.

Mesko is fashion label making minimalistic, elegant, refined clothes with a touch of rebellious individuality. Set up in Slovenia in 1992, it moved to Zurich and is now based in Berlin. Using natural materials like fine cotton, viscose and wool, Mesko works with black fabrics, simple cuts and clear draperies. All clothing is handcrafted with extreme attention to detail.

Andy Leuenberger is an artist drawing from the comic genre, satire and the absurd. He regularly publishes art, cartoon and comic books and zines. Drawings, screen-prints and books are are presented internationally in exhibitions and at festivals for micropublishing, comic and printing art.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Shell Shocked

26.09. - 26.10.2018
Éditions Même pas mal, Marseille, France

"Shell Shocked" (2018), is a self-published book containing a series of ink on paper portrait drawings, in progress since 2016. “Shell Shocked” is the follow-up to “Making Space”, a series of drawings based on landscape long-shots, showing explosions, in news media. Shell shock is a term coined in World War I to loosely describe what is referred to as posttraumatic stress disorder (PSD) today. The mechanisation of artistic expression and the consequences of the ideals of Futurism are some further themes reflected on during the making of “Shell Shocked”. Drawings and screen-prints from this series were exhibited.

To lighten the atmosphere, drawings and prints in the style of the gags regularly posted on, were also on display.

The exhibition was during a turbulent month in Marseille. I ended up moving my work-table into the exhibition, making it a work in progress situation and producing another body of work.


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Vier Wände (Four Walls - Group Exhibiton)

1. - 30.09.2018
in the former undertaker residence of the St. Marien - St. Nikolai Cemetery, Berlin, Germany

An exhibition by the artists of the Jott P.M. Workshop: Lea Donner, Julienne Jattiot, Andy Leuenberger, Timo Moors, Susann Pönisch

Jott P.M. is the screen-pinting workshop and loose collective of artists and print-makers that I joined in the beginning of 2018. We are presenting our individual work in a group exhibition.

I presented ink on paper drawings and screen-prints that are a further, and addition to the "Shell Shocked" series. “Shell Shocked” is series of ink on paper portrait drawings and has been in progress since 2016.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Andy Leuenberger at Neon Kunst

29. - 31.06.2018
Neon Kunst, Berlin Neukölln, Germany
A triple Choke Book release extravaganza and exhibition by Andy Leuenberger. The original drawings of the three following new books were on the walls:

"Robocock Wars", 2017 (17,5 x 23,5 cm, cover: screen-print, 2C, 300g, stapled, edition: 100, signed & numbered). A series of 44 drawings about post-industrial man.
"The Big Book of Boner Jokes", 2017 (14 x 19 cm, 60 pages, stapled)
60 tragicomic drawings, which apparently aren't a laughing matter anymore.
"The Fight Game", 2018 (14 x 19 cm, 60 pages, stapled)